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Recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction can sometimes be a long road...but in this movie it's a 90 minute adventure! Sometimes our roads have potholes. Johny's potholes are losing loved ones to death, losing touch with friends, losing his focus to the Everything with his mental illness bipolar and losing himself to drugs. Follow the PotHoles Green Brick Road to find out how Johny found His way... and it's Magic...80's Magic! ;)


Johny and Gina, two strangers become best friends through their love for  magical 80s space-weed but for Johny it’s a gateway into the darker world of a guy named “Hollywood” and he needs to be rescued by his friend Gina who calls on a favour from her family and friends - the bikers and cousin Smudge Pan.

POTHOLES is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan (Johny's) friend Gina.

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