Alberta Stoner Movie POTHOLES' Logo with pot leaf filling the hole of the O in Pot. Meaning we can fill holes in our lives with pot, but a good friend will help even more.
Jonathan R. Holeton
Howie Miller
Tracy Bone
Jerrald Chung
Promotional photo of Jonathan R. Holeton, Howie Miller, Tracy Bone and Jerrald Chung taken by Ryan Parker in Edmonton, Alberta summer of 2020.

Recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction can sometimes be a long road...but in this movie it's a 90 minute adventure! Sometimes our roads have potholes. Johny's potholes are losing loved ones to death, losing touch with friends, losing his focus to the Everything with his mental illness bipolar and losing himself to drugs. Follow the PotHoles Green Brick Road to find out how Johny found His way... and it's Magic...80's Magic! ;)


Johny and Gina, two strangers become best friends through their love for  magical 80s space-weed but for Johny it’s a gateway into the darker world of a guy named “Hollywood” and he needs to be rescued by his friend Gina who calls on a favour from her family and friends - the bikers and cousin Smudge Pan.

POTHOLES is an independant movie and with the pandemic, Jonathan R. Holeton the filmmaker has become underemployed, the donations you make to help make this movie will help Johny continue to develop the film.

Meet the Characters

Jonathan Holdman (Johny)

This movie is about Jonathan's time with one of his best friends Gina when they were chronic stoners in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His family call him Jonathan, his close friends call him Johny and people who don't know him well call him John. He even ends up becoming a john in the story.

His Background

He was born in Edmonton but raised in St.Paul, Alberta, Canada. He's french-ukrainian, an artist and struggling actor in Edmonton during the period of this film. He has lost touch with all his friends, broken up with his girlfriend and is mourning the death of his Grandparents, so he abuses marijuana. He also gets diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. He's lonely, meets Gina who constantly needs ride and they soon become close friends where crazy and funny stoner adventures happen.

Photo of Producer, Director, writer, actor and artist Jonathan R. Holeton

Georgina Bell (Gina)

Her Background

Gina is a Métis Waitress at a stripper club in Edmonton, Alberta. She's a mother of 3 girls and has 3 dogs and 3 cats, her boyfriend is Kyle who is Métis as well.

She's a major stoner, a hooter girl as Kyle calls her and she's also an alcoholic, even more than usual after the death of her Mom.

Gina is sick and tired of the old perverted guys at work and of the smell of crack at her work which her co-workers partake. She has morals, but also has the mouth of a trucker, swearing a lot, especially when she's mad. She's an Alpha Female and you don't want to mess with an Alpha Female... if you do, you better run. She loves Johny like a brother

Photo of Singer/Songwriter and Actress Tracy Bone.


His Background

Captain is a Cree Canadian pot dealer who is obsessed with the 80s, the current time of the movie is early 2000s. He grows his weed to the sound of 80s music and says his weed is magical 80s space weed, that it gives good luck to those who smoke it. He loves the 80s so much his house is full of 80s memorabilia and he even cosplays, dressed as Captain Kirk of Star Trek 24/7.

He grows his weed in his house, he said he was abducted by aliens back in 85 and that he met Jesus, he goes every year to the St.Paul UFO landing pad to get re-abducted by aliens but they seem to not be coming up.

He goes on a wild adventure with Johny and Gina in the movie and uses the power of the 80s to deal with the bad guy Hollywood.

Photo of Comedian, Actor, Writer Howie Miller from Edmonton, Alberta.

POTHOLES is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan (Johny's) friend Gina.

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Images of Jonathan R. Holeton, Tracy Bone and Howie Miller.
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